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June 05

Livia Ledbetter: 8 Badass Feminist Works to Read/Watch This Summer

These readings range from light-hearted and satirical comedy by women with sharp tongues, to controversial manifestos by women with radical minds and a vision for change, to women with deeply moving stories that stay with us forever, affecting a fundamental part of us.

May 07

Why Exotic Dancers and Prostitutes Can Be Feminists

In a post-feminist world, why shouldn’t women have the freedom to choose their profession? Let’s not restrict body empowerment to club dancing or private bedrooms, and protect the rights of women to choose their profession…even if it is to titillate others.

March 06

Meet Livia Ledbetter, our 2017 Renaissance Woman Scholar!

We are proud to welcome #bosslady Livia Ledbetter into the Renaissance Woman fold! Livia is a sophomore sociology major at the University of Florida and the recipient of our 2017 scholarship. While we received some excellent applications, Livia’s stood out to us for a variety of reasons–not least among them her thoughtfulness and sensitivity to women’s issues. […]

February 05

Women’s March: 9 lessons learned

We jumped on the idea of the Women’s March almost as soon as it was created. We each had our own reasons for deciding to attend, but all of us were there to show our #Nasty side.

November 14

15 Feminist Holiday Gifts to Smash the Patriarchy

Whether your girl is a member of the #PantsuitNation or if she is just in need of a bit of feminine strength, there is no better time to show her that she is a #bosslady than during the holiday season.

August 08


  I don’t know how I found the following post. I stumbled upon it somehow, and I’m glad that I did. You see, I am a “last born,” a last born by far. Before entering kindergarten, my days were spent at home with my mom. She would let me drink leftover cold coffee (for which […]

July 31

50 Ways to Awaken Your Inner Boss Lady:

I try to live my life with daily affirmations that I’m a bad bitch, but every once in a while, I get in a rut.