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May 13

Surf Report: Surf Instructor Just Wants to Make you Smile with Her Art

Betsy Harris is a competitive surfer, surf instructor and artist, whose work predominately features women surfers. We got a chance to ask Betsy a few questions about what inspires her surfing, her art and her passion for sharing both. For more about Betsy, and to see a selection of her playful art pieces, visit slideintostoke.com.

March 22

Interview with 27 year-old Surfing Champion turned CEO

If anyone embodies the attitude of a Renaissance Woman, it’s Kayla Beckmann. She recently published an article on Elite Daily entitled, How I Defied Statistics And Became A Female Entrepreneur. From age 12 to 22 she was a competitive surfer who was exposed to pay inequality. “Win a pro event as a female, get $5,000; win the same event as a male, get $20,000.”