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June 05

Livia Ledbetter: 8 Badass Feminist Works to Read/Watch This Summer

These readings range from light-hearted and satirical comedy by women with sharp tongues, to controversial manifestos by women with radical minds and a vision for change, to women with deeply moving stories that stay with us forever, affecting a fundamental part of us.

October 18

Teach Your Daughters to Love Scars

Our mothers did not have the same luxuries as our generation of women do. They have passed the torch to us and it is now our turn to fight sexism and all the body-shame and dysmorphia that entails, just as they did. We are responsible for nurturing a generation of women who refuse to be ashamed of their bodies, of their scars, of the things that mark them as exceptional. Teach your daughters to love their scars, their bruises, their strength.