Got a story to tell?

We are always accepting submissions, whether it’s essays, poetry, art, videos or ideas for stories. We can’t exist without your input, and if you’d rather not create, we are happy to tell your story.

How does this work?

Step 1: Submit an idea.Send your ideas to Hannah Brown at or Becca Burton at Once we get your idea, we introduce you to the editor you will be working with. You can choose to write your own piece with the help and guidance of one of our editors, or we can have one of our writers interview you and write your piece for you.  A pitch should consist of one to two paragraphs and whether you want it to be a written piece, a photograph essay or a video.

Step 2: Editor will get back to you with suggestions and comments.

Step 3: Submit a brief bio and picture and we publish your piece and add you to our contributing writers page. We will also promote your story through our social media outlets.

As a startup, we cannot offer any compensation at this time, but we are hoping that with the wide array of content and strong women submitting content that we will be able to gain a large readership. We also have an excellent social media and marketing girl on our team who is ready to help get our name out there once the site is ready to launch.

Thanks so much for taking the time to consider this opportunity and we hope to hear from you soon!