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February 26

9 months pregnant, looking back on an abortion

My unintentional pregnancy has taken me a long time to talk about it to anyone outside of my partner or dear friends. It is not an easy thing to discuss, as the topic is incredibly politicized and divisive. However I believe that we need to dig in, have these discussions and realize that many assumptions made about abortions are incorrect.

February 05

Women’s March: 9 lessons learned

We jumped on the idea of the Women’s March almost as soon as it was created. We each had our own reasons for deciding to attend, but all of us were there to show our #Nasty side.

January 01

‘Get your rest, eat your greens, smash the patriarchy’: Introducing our new editor

Anna Hamilton, a storyteller of many talents, joins the Renaissance Woman editorial team.

December 11

Everyone’s welcome: UF PhD student’s video series highlights diversity in science

“Science as a process truly benefits when different perspectives and new ideas are heard.”

December 06


  Kelly D’Ambrosio is currently the Evening Anchor for CBS2 News “Live at Five” and FOX28 “News at Nine” in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Previously at CBS2 and FOX28 Kelly was the morning show Anchor for CBS2 “This Morning” Fox28 “Morning Live” and CBS2 news at noon. Before moving to Iowa, Kelly was the Morning Show […]

November 14

15 Feminist Holiday Gifts to Smash the Patriarchy

Whether your girl is a member of the #PantsuitNation or if she is just in need of a bit of feminine strength, there is no better time to show her that she is a #bosslady than during the holiday season.

November 05


  On June 15, 2016 a demonstration using fire went horribly wrong resulting in two children being severely burned at a summer camp near Tallahassee, Florida. One of the burn victims, Navaeh Carpenter a 10 year old girl, sustained third-degree burns over 70 percent of her body. The healing process will take an undetermined amount […]