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December 21

Jessica Grace Allen: Director of Still Waters, Founder of The Refinery and Maiden from Maiden South

The Refinery was created in November of 2013 to sustain the home of Still Waters, a safe place for women and their children in south Georgia. We seek to provide job skills, develop opportunities and create a sense of community for our current and former residents. Our goal is to create something beautiful from regional and recycled resources; to invest in the potential of our ladies and to be an ever-present light in our community. We take our name from Psalm 66:10 as we believe we are all in a refining process. We are carried through difficult times, we are stripped of things that seem to matter and we are being made new. We are best when work together; rubbing like sandpaper at times to a smoother, softer, level surface. The Refinery is a non-profit social enterprise in Bainbridge, Georgia. All proceeds from sales of The Refinery go to Still Waters. Still Waters is a free faith-based residence where women are given tools to re-establish themselves through a variety of resources

Girlfriends August 30

Tinder Hearts Club

I’m sure at one time or another we have all been guilty of putting down or villainizing a fellow female over competition for attention or over jealousy, but I refuse to let myself fall prey to those emotions ever again. My call is for solidarity.

July 26

A Voice in the Dark: Heather Martin

On night one of her first visit to Thailand, Heather Martin journeyed into a red light district of Bangkok. Passing under the glare of neon signs like “SuperPussy” and “SuperGirls,” she ventured down the strip to the bars. Touts eagerly thrust pamphlets into her face that offered up women as numbers on a menu.

June 21

A Birth Mother’s Account of Adoption

This is a different kind of story, it’s another side of the story and one that I never contemplated. You hear about people who want to adopt, you know people who have been adopted but the stories of those who give birth never seem to get told.

February 21

Snap out of it: The way to handle a break up

I know I’m not perfect and there are bound to be small relapses and moments of sadness but I can’t let it beat me. I have too many things going on. We all do.