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June 05

Livia Ledbetter: 8 Badass Feminist Works to Read/Watch This Summer

These readings range from light-hearted and satirical comedy by women with sharp tongues, to controversial manifestos by women with radical minds and a vision for change, to women with deeply moving stories that stay with us forever, affecting a fundamental part of us.

May 07

Why Exotic Dancers and Prostitutes Can Be Feminists

In a post-feminist world, why shouldn’t women have the freedom to choose their profession? Let’s not restrict body empowerment to club dancing or private bedrooms, and protect the rights of women to choose their profession…even if it is to titillate others.

February 12

Valentines Cards To Put the “Pow” in Girl Power

It’s that weird limbo time of year again, when the holidays are over but we haven’t quite ascended into summer. Enter: Valentine’s Day. You may loathe or love it, but we think you deserve a day to celebrate What’s Good. Besides, what’s more awesomely feminist than reclaiming February 14th and making it your own? So whether […]

January 08

Ice Skaters, Catcallers, Ancestors, and Other Things We Listened to in 2016

January is all about newness—new year, new resolutions, new prospects, new endeavors. And yet, if you’re like me, January is also about looking back and taking stock of the past year. As a radio producer I listen to a lot of radio shows and podcasts for inspiration, enjoyment, and to stay current. But you don’t […]

January 01

‘Get your rest, eat your greens, smash the patriarchy’: Introducing our new editor

Anna Hamilton, a storyteller of many talents, joins the Renaissance Woman editorial team.

December 11

Everyone’s welcome: UF PhD student’s video series highlights diversity in science

“Science as a process truly benefits when different perspectives and new ideas are heard.”

November 20

Former Diver, Gymnast Makes a Comeback through Circus Arts

Laura Landry, a former gymnast and diver, has a new found love of circus. She wants to prove that there is no age limit to this art form.