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February 21


“Trust me, I’m a professional,” is a saying that we’ve all heard, but so is, “Don’t always believe what you hear!” I’m a Floridian, my family has been in Florida for so long that when I asked my mother exactly how long…she told me she had no idea. Not only am I a Floridian, but […]

December 21

Jessica Grace Allen: Director of Still Waters, Founder of The Refinery and Maiden from Maiden South

The Refinery was created in November of 2013 to sustain the home of Still Waters, a safe place for women and their children in south Georgia. We seek to provide job skills, develop opportunities and create a sense of community for our current and former residents. Our goal is to create something beautiful from regional and recycled resources; to invest in the potential of our ladies and to be an ever-present light in our community. We take our name from Psalm 66:10 as we believe we are all in a refining process. We are carried through difficult times, we are stripped of things that seem to matter and we are being made new. We are best when work together; rubbing like sandpaper at times to a smoother, softer, level surface. The Refinery is a non-profit social enterprise in Bainbridge, Georgia. All proceeds from sales of The Refinery go to Still Waters. Still Waters is a free faith-based residence where women are given tools to re-establish themselves through a variety of resources

November 15

Fashion Coutourier Talks ‘Making The Cut’

    What inspires your collections?   Many things add to my brainstorming when coming up with new collections.  It might be a piece of clothing that inspires me or designer photos in magazines such as Vogue or W.  Colors, fabrics/textures, seasons and often times I just sit back and think to myself about how […]

September 19

NYFW Model gives us the Skinny on the Industry 

As New York Fashion Week comes to a close, we bring to you a look at a different side of fashion. I had the pleasure of getting to know Abby Dixon during our years participating in Gainesville Fashion Week. Here’s her take on what it’s like to model full-time.

September 06

Creator of Baltimore Style Blog says to ‘Start with you’

When it comes to style, Olivia Obineme is an expert at capturing uniqueness in its element. Olivia is the creator and managing editor of Strangers With Style, a fashion blog based in Baltimore. We asked this Renaissance Woman a few questions about how she built such a fresh style presence on web, how she has overcome challenges throughout the process and what kinds of meaning style holds in peoples’ lives. Check out her thoughtful answers below–seriously, this lady is not afraid to get deep.

August 23

Advanced Style, a Movement

Our culture and the fashion industry are obsessed with youth. I have literally had people tell me that one day I will no longer be young and thus will no longer be beautiful. Just because you are not what society considers to be “young” does not mean that you are not beautiful! My mother is 75 years old and is one of the most beautiful women I know. There is no age limit on beauty. It should be celebrated and appreciated no matter how old we are.

February 15

How Much Does the Media Really Affect a Woman’s Self Esteem?

We ladies tend to blow our self-named “flaws” out of proportion. An analysis conducted by the Social Issues Research Centre in Oxford, UK, found when it comes to appearance, men see themselves in a more positive light than women.