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October 02

Dare to Dream: Rachel Wayne Tackles Social Issues Through Entertainment

DreamQuilt, LLC, a mixed-styles arts and entertainment production company, aims to bring people and resources together for creative projects and promote dialogue on current social issues.

September 25

Life Interrupted: A Mother’s Struggle with the Loss of a Child

Nicholas Riley Richards passed away on Easter Sunday, 2010. His mom shares his story and her struggles with coping in hopes of helping others dealing with the loss of a child.

August 14

#BOSSLADY Spotlight: Corey Souza Turns Her Love of Circus Into Booming Business

Corey Souza fell in love with circus arts while earning her master’s degree in Bahia, Brazil, so much she decided to bring the circus world to the small college town of Gainesville, Fla. Now, the performer-turned-business owner is as busy as ever spreading the circus love.

July 24

I’ll Buy My Own Dang Boat

Melissa Macarages used to be offended when people asked how she would go fishing without a man. Her response: I’ll buy my own boat. Read more to learn about her adventures and how she balances being a single mother without losing herself.

May 08

Finding myself and making amends via Youtube

Alexis McGlone is on a journey. In an attempt to make amends with lifelong struggles, she has bravely started a public video blog to record her progress in hopes of inspiring others in the process.

Teach a Child to Fish Mahogany Youth April 10

Kathleen Elliott, Helping Children One Catch at a Time

Kathleen Elliot teaches at-risk-inner-city youth in Miami about fishing, science and the outdoors. Her hope is that once the children are exposed to activities like scuba diving and snorkeling, they will realize the opportunities that exist outside their neighborhood.

March 14

Women underrepresented in sports media

When it comes to televised sports, women are still not getting the coverage they deserve. According to a study conducted by graduate students at Syracuse University, women are underrepresented in sports media, which effects their careers in the long term.