August 20

Goodnight and good luck.


Becca Burton, Anna Hamilton and Hannah Brown in D.C. for the Women’s March on January 21, 2017.

After a few meetings over the summer, the Renaissance Woman editorial team has decided to fade out the Renaissance Woman blog. As one editor moved on, we were faced with the decision to revamp the Renaissance Woman blog or begin something new. We decided that we had an opportunity to build a more successful project with a more specific niche. Out of these criteria came the idea for The Marjorie, a news magazine for Florida’s environmental leaders.


Our plan is to build an online space where environmentalists in Florida can network, learn the facts of environmental issues and hear the stories of the people who are most affected. With our directory of environmental leaders and our commitment to supporting open dialogues between all sides, we hope to build a community across the state geared toward protecting Florida’s changing environment.


The Renaissance Woman was created as a way to empower women to empower each other. We have been humbled by the willingness of women from so many different places and backgrounds to share their personal accounts of times both difficult and blessed.


We want to thank you, our Renaissance Woman family, for engaging with us and sharing your stories with our community. We truly feel that the Renaissance Woman has helped us grow both personally and professionally over the past three years. The lessons we have learned here will inform our new project, and we’d like to invite you to continue engaging with us in that space. We are in the process of developing our website now and will be in touch in the coming months.


Goodnight and good luck,
The Renaissance Woman team