We’ve all done it. We’ve found something on the internet that led us down a rabbit hole. This particular instance started for me one day while exploring Pinterest. I followed a pin to an Instagram account, which led me to another Instagram account, the account of Charlotte Jacobs, or @charrrl_iie. Her personal style and photos immediately lifted my mood and I liked her. I’ve always been a believer in the ability of garb to communicate feelings and emotions. For example, pink is a happy color. I love to dress up on the weekends and wear really bold items, it just makes me feel better than wearing drab, boring, sullen work clothes. Charlie wears bold happy items on the daily and I found myself enamored with her freedom and confidence. Another thing that won me over was that Charlie is nice. In today’s social media world and just world in general, nice goes a long way. She was kind enough to let me ask a few questions.




Did you start the collar diaries hashtag? If not, how did you find it? If so, what started the collar dairies for you?

“I have always liked collars, in all sorts and shapes. I’ve been on Instagram for a while and always looked under hashtags like #collars for some new inspiration and then came across #thecollardiaries. It is a hashtag started by @happiestcamper. She is an amazing woman and has a wonderful feed full of outfit posts, her cute kids and everything related to camping and caravans! She once told me to add the hashtag #thecollardiaries to my pictures, and so I did!”




How long have you been a lover of pins, collars and mixed prints?

“I have always looooooved mixed prints and cute accessories! I don’t think I have ever left the house without wearing either a brooch, a necklace, rings or pins! It spices up your outfit (I think). I feel kind of naked when I’m not wearing one. Like when I’m wearing my pajamas, ha ha!”






If you could only wear one without the others for the rest of your life, would you choose pins, collars, or prints?


“Pfieuw… That really is a difficult question. I think I would go for prints. Or collars. Or both. No, PRINTS! Yes, prints! Prints are always fun and I have always always always been a big fan of prints! The bolder, the better! Collars and pins are of course also a favorite, but prints can be BIGGER and BRIGHTER!”




Do you have a favorite piece? If so, which one and why is it your favorite? 

“I’m a fickle person so it really depends in which ‘mood’ you find me, ha ha. I do love the color blue, so at the moment my favorite pin is one of The C project: the Andy Warhol pin. It is very detailed and just so darn beautiful. My parents are big Pop Art fans so it always reminds me of them when I wear it.”




 Do you have a favorite combo? If so, what and why?


“I have many favorite combinations! I like to pair up necklaces and pins, because it is even more fun that way! One combination I really like is when I pair up one of my geometric necklaces (blue, of course) with and one of my pins. For example, I like to pair my little Andy Warhol pin with one of Wolk’s necklaces. They make beautiful geometric designs. Always combined with a shirt, of course. I do like the combinations of a shirt, all buttoned up, and a big necklace (and pin)! One of my favorite shirt collars has a party print on it: little flags, flowers and confetti. I do like a bold printed collar: flowers, pineapples, glitter, leopard, … You name it!”




Do any of your statement pieces have sentimental value?


“Yessss, they have! My husband gave me a gorgeous big necklace from La Vidriola, with knights in shining armor wrapped up in a duel! The colors are gorgeous and whenever the sun shines on them, there is light and glitter everywhere. Instant disco ball effect! I also have a few fox pins and collar clips and I cherish them dearly. Two years ago one of my all time favorite singers died (the singer of the Belgium group Gorki), and his last name was VOS which means ‘FOX’. I loved him to bits, so whenever I see something fox-themed, I HAVE to have it! After seeing him before more than a gazillion times, it is safe to say: old love never dies. I’m a teacher and even in my classroom you can clearly feel (and see) the fox love.”




Any goals that you would like to share? 


“I would looooooooove to design my own collar! You know, the Charlie collar! With bright colors and a wicked print. That would be so cool. I would also like to design my own pin one day. But, there are already millions and millions of cool pins out there, so it is really hard to come up with something. It’s not my goal to really ‘make’ something, I find it far too much fun just buying and wearing other people’s creative outcomes!”




Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 


“I’m just a teacher living in Belgium with her husband and 40 tropical fish. I enjoy being around people and like to be VERY loud, but I do enjoy staying home during the weekend and do absolutely nothing. Just me and a book… Perfect! I love reading books and poetry. I also love to laugh, any time any day.


Vladimir Nabokov and Paul Auster are on my top list of favourite authors! My husband is a huge vinyl collector so I get my daily dose of awesome music, thanks to him. I like the 60’s-70’s music vibe and do regret that I will never be able to meet Jim Morrison, George Harrison or Ian Curtis.”




 What does being a Renaissance Woman mean to you? 


“In my eyes she is a bold woman who just likes to do what she wants to do, without anyone telling her otherwise. She seems tough but deep down she is just a cutie pie. She likes to do whatever floats her boat, but is always honest. She doesn’t have it all together and that’s okay, because it is not her life goal. She wants to be surrounded by positive people and be happy. But of course, the occasional bantering is always welcome.”




Are there any pieces that you don’t already own that you’re trying to find?


“I’m always on the lookout for new pins, necklaces and new prints! I would love to find the perfect The Big Lebowski-pin. I adore that film, and would find it so COOL to have ‘The Dude’ hanging out with me on my shirts.”




 Ever think of blogging?


“I like Instagram because it is just about the pictures. In a few seconds everyone can see what the picture is about. Also, I don’t really think people would be interested in what I have to say, hahaha.”




How did you find your IG community or how did they find you?


“That is such a crazy story! It just HAPPENED. I’ve always posted pictures on Instagram, but in the beginning my profile was set on private. During the Summer holidays I decided to put my profile on public, so the pin designers could see the pictures I posted of their pins on my Instagram. Some of them started to regram my pcitures, which gave me a lot of new followers! I also use the same hashtags over and over again: #pingame and #pincommunity. The pincommunity really is a community where everyone supports each other and is just nice to one another! Two months ago I noticed that I started to get a lot of new followers, from all over the world: America, Russia, Japan, … One of my colleagues googled me and saw that different websites had used my pictures in a blogpost about pins! With a link to my Instagram. I didn’t know this but it did explain a lot. I still don’t really understand why people follow me, because there are millions of people on Instagram who do the same thing. But, I am grateful and think it is really cool!”




Why do you think you’ve gained such a following on IG?


“Pins have been quite ‘hot’ for the last two years and I think that’s why people like to follow me. Buying pins is not that expensive and that’s why it is so much fun! My collection is getting quite big and I do my best to wear a different pin/necklace each day, combined with a cute little collar. Since I’m a teacher I also try to wear pins which refer to my lessons. When I teach my students about the ‘Present Simple’ I wear a dress with a big bow so it’s like I’m dressed as a PRESENT. Or when I teach them about different art styles, I make sure I wear my little Andy Warhol Pin.


I also think it’s important to answer people’s questions on Instagram and to show them some love. I’m an active follower and liker! I will always do my best to check out new followers and like their pictures. Also, I only post things that are neck-related haha, so just pins and necklaces. Nothing else really…”




Charlotte Jacobs, aka @charrrl_iie on Instagram is a 29 year old, living in Belgium with her adorable husband but longing to live in Spain one day. A little house by the river in the mountains just sounds great to her! She’s a teacher who, of course, really likes to read books. She enjoys getting lost in stories and to be swept off her feet. Mister Darcy and Willoughby will always be in her top three, together with Wolverine (and her husband, OF COURSE)! She loves to laugh and is always in for a joke! Her students are 14-15 years old and she loves the energy they bring with them!

How to define her? Pins, necklaces, collars, books and music. Yup, that’s Charlie!