#BOSSLADY Spotlight: Corey Souza Turns Her Love of Circus Into Booming Business

By Becca Burton

Corey Souza, owner and operator of S-Connection Aerial Arts circus training school in Gainesville, Fla.,  is nothing short of a Wonder Woman. Every day she somehow finds time to be a mother and a wife, train for her own personal performances, teach circus classes and sew costumes for circus shows that she produces. I’m beginning to think she has more hours in her day than most. But one thing is for sure, she bleeds determination.

Before I go on, it must be noted that I am a student, instructor and performer at S-Connection Aerial Arts. On a daily basis, I see the inspiration this business brings to the community. I was also a student before the school as it stands today existed. I simply can’t believe the transition the school has taken in just under two years.

Here’s the background on this boss lady.

Since she was young, Souza studied dance, both modern and classical. But, she was told she didn’t have the body to be a professional ballerina. Whatever. She’s strong.

While in college, she started studying Brazilian dance and went on to study fine arts at the University of Bahia in Brazil. While there, she was also introduced to circus–and fell in love. She admired how strength and power were essential assets to the art.

When she moved back to Gainesville to pursue her Ph.D., she still wanted to train–but Gainesville lacked the facility. So, she invested every penny she had into an aerial rig, which she kept at her parents’ farm in Williston, Fla. She started holding classes, but they began to get too big for her one-apparatus structure.

Now, she owns a thriving, beautiful circus school in downtown Gainesville that is only going to grow. She is a Renaissance Woman. 

I know the circus community has changed my life, and I’m excited to help spread the love.

Watch this video to learn more about the school and how you can get involved!

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