50 Ways to Awaken Your Inner Boss Lady:



I typically try to live my life with personal daily affirmations that I’m a queen-goddess, warrior princess, bad bitch of the highest order, but every once in a while I get in a rut.

It’s easy to do. Sometimes things can just feel meh. Bad luck, breakups or a bad hair month? Life’s usual get-you-down BS can make us forget that we all have our own inner  boss lady waiting to be released.

It can be a struggle to bring yourself back to the centered zen of girl bossing. But I’ve compiled a list — can I get an AMEN!? — I love lists.

~50 Ways to Awaken Your Inner Boss Lady~

1. Dance. Dance at home. Dance at a bar. Dress up, do it naked. Jump on the bed. Be friggin weird. Just get your blood flowing.

2. Ask for a raise. Don’t know how? Google it. I google everything.

3. Google or Pinterest “badass,” just trust me. Or “Rihanna” or “Beyonce” for that matter. They are INSPIRING.

4. Change your hair. Maybe don’t do anything identity-crisis worthy, or maybe do. Curl it, crimp it, cut it, dye it, braid it. Youtube tutorials my friend. YOUTUBE TUTORIALS.

5. Quit that job you hate.

6. Go somewhere you’ve never been. This can be a weekend trip to a town you’ve never visited or even a night out to a new restaurant or bar.

7. Go see some live music.

8. Make eye contact with people. Smile. Sometimes, it makes things happen.

9. Take a break from social media.

10. Dress up. Wear something you think you can’t pull off, and rock it. Wait for the compliments to roll in.

11. Wear some bold lipstick. (This is a personal favorite because it ALWAYS makes me feel fierce) Try it.

12. Apply for the job you want!

13. Sing really loud in the car.

14. Try out a new workout. Kickboxing!

15. Karaoke. Works like a charm.

16. Take yourself out to a really fancy dinner.

17. Reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in a while.

18. Write a love letter to yourself or a friend or family member explaining how much you appreciate them. Ask them to write one to you.

19. Ask the guy out.

20. Strike up a conversation with a stranger.

21. Flirt shamelessly.

22. Make a list of all the ways you are bad ass/or what you think is bad ass, and how you can be bad ass.

23. Buy a crop top. Wear a crop top. Don’t apologize.

24. Throw a party.

25. Cook a super difficult, amazing meal.. for yourself. Eat all the leftovers.

26. Sign up for a race.

27. Go to the beach and chase the seagulls.

28. Wear whatever the hell you want for a week. Wear the same outfit. Don’t wear makeup. Be Freeeeee.

29. Cry. Scream. Break something. Don’t bottle things up.

30. Try meditation.

31. Read your horoscope. Go see a psychic. Get your palm read. Maybe you have great success headed your way.

32. Keep a journal. Write down your daily successes. Write your failures. Re-read about how determined you are. Write down what you’re grateful for.

33. Save some money.

34. Go spend what you saved on something just for you and extravagant AF.

35. That shitty date you’re on, just peace out. Get up and walk out…a bad bitch would.

36. Change your own tire.

37. Do something you’ve never done. Try anything new.

38. Create! Write a song or poem. Paint or draw something.  Frame it. Get your instagram photos printed, make an album. Put it on your coffee table. Have actual conversations about your photos…IRL!!!

39. Have a photo shoot.

40. Make care packages and send them to your best friends.

41. Get a tattoo.

42. Get pierced.

43. Go get waxed — down there.

44. Have a conversation with someone about something you are passionate about.

45. Hell, get a pet. ~~rephrase~~RESCUE a pet.

46. Sing in the shower. Just sing everywhere you go. Something about singing is uplifting.

47. Life’s short, buy the shoes. I don’t care how many times this has been memed. It is one of the truest internet truths I’ve ever come across.

48. Master a handstand.

49. Start a blog.

50. Take an extremely shameless selfie that you love. Frame it in glass and every day use dry erase markers to write something dope about yourself across it.

Don’t stay in ruts. You are a BOSS LADY, BAD BITCH, QUEEN! Make your own list. I love that text I see often, “Put on some gangster rap and handle it.” Gangster rap/Taylor Swift, whatever.

Get your friends to join you. Lift each other up.