You Can’t Fudge Up This Recipe

Happy Leap Day! Every four years we get an extra day at the end of February for Leap Year. This sort of thing is magical to think about to me because I’m always saying, “There’s just not enough time in the day!” So, in celebration, I thought I’d share this recipe that has saved my butt on countless occasions. I’m forgetful, I’m late, and I usually need something thoughtful and awesome…NOW. I know there are an abundance of posts out there for “Quick” or “Easy and Cheap” recipes, but take it from me, this one’s for real. I don’t have time to woo anyone with my domestic goddess skills…mainly because they don’t exist. By that, I mean I’ve never pulled off cookies, brownies or even cupcakes…not even the boxed kind. YES, I lie and say I made store-bought baked goods…OK…I ADMIT IT. Whatever.

I found this gem on Pinterest. I too have invested in some pretty disappointing Pinterest recipe endeavors, but you just can’t mess this one up. I’ve made it for my best friends, boyfriend, coworkers, parents, and sister and it never fails to impress. No time? No money? No patience? I bring you three ingredient Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge!

Ashley 1

It’s customizable, throw in whatever you like. It takes 15 minutes tops. I’ve made it on my work break. I’m usually always late and in some sort of pinch for time. I love this. Whoever figured this out…thank you. Thank you internet gods.

INGREDIENTS: (measurements are give or take.. it doesn’t really make too much of a difference, I’ve just dumped entire containers of similarly sized ingredients, mixed it up.. and it was great.)

  • 8 ounces Creamy Peanut Butter
  • 8 ounces Nutella
  • 8 ounces Vanilla Frosting

First: scoop out the frosting into a safe container and microwave for about one minute or until melted. (I don’t like to microwave substances in plastic containers.)

Ashley 2

Second: Stir together melted frosting, peanut butter and Nutella in a large mixing bowl.

Ashley 3

It gets a little stiff. Keep stirring until it has a thick consistency.

Ashley 4

Empty your mixture into a small dish depending on how thick you’d like your fudge pieces to be and spread evenly.

ashley 6

So far, I’ve added walnuts, different flavors of chocolate chips, sprinkles, and marshmallow fluff to this mixture with no problems. Today I’m just adding one cup of white chocolate chips. You can mix them in before hand or just sprinkle on top.

Ashley 7

Finally: Refrigerate for 20-30 minutes to harden your fudge. Remove, cut into serving-size pieces, and OFF YOU GO! Minus the refrigeration time, this takes literally about 10-15 minutes or less.

Ashley 8

No one has ever told me they didn’t love it. The recipe is pretty contingent on the peanut butter though so keep in mind, some people aren’t peanut butter fans.

Happy Monday Renaissance Women. Hope this saves you some time!