February 21

Snap out of it: The way to handle a break up

Snap out of it.


This is the best piece of advice I have given myself this year. The past few weeks have been tough. My boyfriend of almost five years and I broke up…for the fifth time. Over the past three years, he has broken up with me on five different occasions.

Why are you still with him?

Trust me, if I were looking at my situation from the outside in, I would think the same thing. Any confident woman should know her self-worth enough to not tolerate being treated like that.  And believe me, it sucks. It’s one of the most draining situations a person can go through. Love really is a drug. Experiencing sudden withdrawals—going from talking to someone every day to not at all—is heart wrenching.

We all have our methods of coping with break ups. There are those who numb the pain with wine. And there are some who just binge watch Netflix and sulk for a few days. Whatever the method, we cannot let it consume us. Everyone deserves a few days of sulking before they snap out of it, but you have to make yourself do so by practicing self-love. When I get broken up with, I love to turn to my friends. I’m probably annoying them to death telling the same sob story over and over (another reason I have decided to snap out of it) but they are there to help and know I would do the same for them.

Girls, we have to stick together. One of my friends gave me the best advice, that I have finally decided to take. I am actively practicing self-love. As another coworker and good friend told me today, “Do what you want while you can, because one day you will be sharing your life and you won’t get a chance to.” I know I’m not perfect and there are bound to be small relapses and moments of sadness but I can’t let it beat me. I have too many things going on. We all do.

We are Renaissance Women and this is how we handle break ups.

(Snap out of it!  Then practice self love until someone deserving comes along and share your life with them, or stay single!  Whichever path you choose, choose it because you won’t settle for less than love.)