November 13

Welcome, boss ladies

RenWomenlogoRenaissance Woman is . . .

A mold breaker.
A mentor.
Under pressure.
A Leader.
A Struggler.

It’s a conversation.

The Renaissance Woman was started to eliminate competition among women and foster inspiration. We all have stories we need to share for the betterment of women everywhere. Here we bring to you real-life role models, candid advice and unanswered questions for the modern woman.

Our mission is to amplify the raw experiences of women to educate, encourage and enlighten each other and to find meaning in our everyday lives.

We don’t have all the answers, but we believe that by connecting with each other through our experiences, we can learn from one another and collaborate as Renaissance Women.

What’s next?

The Renaissance Woman is brought to you by a handful of busy girls, so we each take turns posting on the site on our lunch breaks, nights and weekends. We will be bringing you fresh content weekly, along with inspirational posts on our social media sites! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

We are partially a submission-based media outlet and are always looking for fellow Renaissance Women to share their stories. Got a story to tell? Email Becca Burton at if you have a story idea.

Not a writer? We are happy to guide you through the writing process or interview you and write your story for you. Our founders each have backgrounds in media and love to help share your experiences in the best way possible.

Our “About the Editors” page and “Got a story to tell?” will be up shortly, we look forward to growing this community!